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Comfortably at my desk, organizing my thoughts as I enjoyed an apple fritter, there she was.  Her lips were moving, words were coming in my direction.  Advance your brand & keep a balance.  We live and prosper together.  These words of wisdom and encouragement my manager gave me.  Along with a nifty thumbs-up.  She just poked her head in the door, gave me the words and a big smile, and was on her way.  I know she is busy, probably on her way to a big meeting.  I think I would like her, and I know she would like me, if we ever get to know each other.

A good theme song for people who think it is important to get to know each other is “Like To Get To Know You” by Spanky & Our Gang.  Years ago in song, she stated no promises but, ‘I’d like to get to know you if I could’.  Pretty song and thought.  Getting to know one another in life and business is good.  The song can vibrate as we engage fellow humans.  Get to know you is a good idea in sales, management and everywhere.  In earning a living today, what you do, you are in sales.  It helps to relate.  We should get to know each other.  We would do better with each other if we knew each other better.  That is one thought.

We are wired.  We enjoy vibrant differences in personality as we receive and breakdown data.  I hear what you say, at some point I have to think about it.  Good use of personality- type knowledge will help us boost the message through others reception filters.  The truth is that we do judge a book by its cover.  We view the exterior as we consider the content inside.  Appearance & impression matters to us.  Socially or physically or mentally attractive people get perceived as better, smarter, more valuable.  There is no need for us to debate if this is fair or not fair.  It is not fair, but understand it is reality.  We do it.  Let’s do it right. 

Always strive to put your best you forward.  Be at your best in all representations of you.  Give yourself every competitive advantage.  Work to inspire your worth to others.  Doing this is more than fair.  It is righteous.  Think about this.  People, as in customers, guests, clients, favor people like them.  That is how we are.  You and I like people who are like us.  We have to see something in someone else that provokes us to want to know more about the person.  As we get to know more, we are comfortable or uncomfortable and proceed accordingly.  Birds of a feather flock together for a reason.  They know about each other, have comfort and trust with each other.  This is known as resemblance with us humans.  For us, resemblance is a gateway to relating, trusting and influencing.  This kinship is high voltage and we must take care to not misuse.  That is another thought, second one today.

Here is something that I definitely understand.  I relate to this next human thought.  At our best, we humans effectively handle about three bits of data or info at a time.  We are uncomfortable, and may get cranky, when confronted with much more than three pieces of information at a time.  So here is the so what, here is why that matters.  We want people to be comfortable with us, and be comfortable with what we say.  You must have comfort, everybody must be comfortable, before you have acceptance.  For comfort, for acceptance and success, we should present our facts and sales points in three bite size pieces. 

We know it is easier to present and easier to receive three things at a time.  We should use the easy button whenever we can.  We are only human.  That is my third thought for the day, and it is still morning.  Enough of this thinking, I have work to do. 

I will make a disclaimer.  The observations expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of management, or possibly anyone else on the planet.  That is okay.  We are all busy.  Busy, busy busy.  As busy as we are, we can agree that we will do better when we do more than merely give an appearance of management.  

My work for corporate employers and clients includes select areas in hospitality, training, franchising, effective relations & business sales.  We can talk about questions or comments or ideas to share anytime you want.  Always confidential. 


Both you and I have some answers, things that work for us.  Both of us are always looking for other answers.  Focusing on your goals and increasing your revenues is my job.  We can communicate, and maybe decide together to collaborate, and work together on a project.  We can focus on your goals as we address issues & fix the problems de jour.

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