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Your hotel is for sale, or sold, and you need interim management?  Investors, lenders, owners and operators, you need a manager to help now?  You want to buy or sell and you would like an independent view?  For hotel franchise decisions, you want a discreet intermediary to assist?  Help is here with years of street level experience in hyperactive markets. The benefits of hands-on and mind on assistance is available to you in hospitality management, hotel and lodging sales, and acquisition consulting.

Experienced hospitality management from Marketserve can fill in for absent management, and assist you to enhance present management.  An independent value review will give alerts on your property appeal, guest perceptions, service tips, competitive environment & sales building.  Are you ready for a break?  Are you working two plus jobs covering a vacant position at your property?  Innkeepers, hotel managers, lodging property owner-operators, all need time away from their property, for family, meetings, and certainly for a deserved vacation.  We can help you and be at your service to operate your business during an absence.  With years of hospitality & inn keeping experience, we provide friendly relevant interim management services for select hotels and bed & breakfast inns.

Marketserve hospitality professionals follow a code of ethics to respect confidentiality, be honest, dependable and provide you exceptional service in helping with your interim inn keeping needs.  We welcome all inquiries for a respectful and confidential discussion of your needs.  At Your Service gives you peace of mind, and seamless hospitality service for you and your guests.  Interim inn keeping by the day, and extended appointments, are subject to schedule availability, so contact us soon to review your potential needs.

Sample rates include select bed & breakfast inns at $75 to $125 a day, limited and full service hotel properties from $200 to $350 a day.  Initial retainer fee always applied to per diem rate and travel.  Interim appointments are scheduled in numerous marketplaces and regional locations throughout the continental United States.

At Your Service, experienced interim inn keeping & hospitality servers bring you years of valuable experience in hospitality.  We freely shares ideas to help you build guest loyalty and attract new business.  With current knowledge and skills, we provide exceptional service to your guests.  You have worry-free time away as we successfully operate and manage, and handle with care your hotel, bed & breakfast, country inn, boutique and resort lodging.

Help is here for you, while you are away, and when you have a temporarily open spot on your management team.

Interim inn keeping & hospitality services are now available to assist you.  We can be there for you, for a couple days, a week or longer, to help as needed.  You may need interim management when your property is for sale or sold.  Investors, lenders, owner-operators, do you need an interim manager to help now?  Would you like an independent view when deciding to buy or sell a hotel or bed and breakfast inn?  Would you like a discreet intermediary to assist in making hotel and franchise decisions?  We always welcome & respect the opportunity to be At Your Service.  Always confidential, please contact us whenever we can assist you in any manner.  Best regards. 

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