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Brand Broadcast ---    

Tell your maw.  Tell your paw. 

Tell your friends back in Arkansas.  Oh baby itís all right.

Personal branding has zoomed from cool to essential in the blink of an eye.  Blink, that is fast.  You have to tell people about yourself.  Give them opportunities to get to know you.

We are shoulder to shoulder in our march of the professionals.  It is a crowded marketplace.

Recognition and even thinking of approaching success requires us to brand broadcast.  We have to tell our world that we are here; open for business.  This is another hard part, but doable.  You train, visualize and practice endless hours for this medal event.

State your case.  Know your facts well.  Tell the truth believably.  Present your brand as a gift.  Your brand broadcast should be a conversation among friends.  You will be so happy to receive this helpful information is the right attitude.  Yes, I am pleased to tell you more.  Thank you for asking.

Style stamp your communications.  It is you, and some facts, that needs being remembered as important and of value.  Your audience, of one or a million ones, will respond to your human take on the facts, more so than any response to the always dry facts.  Spice up your verbal and written words to give the fact servings a little sizzle. 

Make it personal.  Make every brand broadcast personal.  It is personal; keep it personal.  Your brand needs to be received by others as you would receive a trusted friend.  Be real; be received as authentic and reliable when presenting your brand.

Each great brand has a unique near-human personality.  It attracts a sense of friendship.  We bond on promise.  We feel better about ourselves in the presence of the brand, feel trust, and feel safe.  We choose brands, as in choosing friends that have promise and match-ups to our own personality.

Promise based bonds, warm and comforting as they can be, become explosive when overheated.  Our woven relationships with certain brands can be near as strong, and as fragile, as with our friends and families.  Brace yourself for when your brand breaks a promise.  In doing so, breaks the bond.  Human feelings of hurt, betrayal and anger flare up.  They leave to find another friend to take care of their business.         

Sometimes we just know, we feel something, but cannot explain it.  Hereís one.

I like food.  There, I said it.  Particularly, I like roast beef and chicken, equally.  When traveling, or at home, there are two quick service restaurant chains I feel I can count on.  Arbyís is my choice for roast beef, and Chik-Fil-A gets my chicken business. 

Both are well established with good recipes and strong fan bases.  They are each a market leader in their respective niche of food service.  I like both of these restaurants. 

Both know who the customer is.  They respect the importance of the customer.  They understand their success. 

My taste buds and stomach affirm that, for me, roast beef and chicken are equal.  I have no reason to like one more than the other one. 

Yet, I do. 

So, you are stranded on the deserted faraway fast food island of Yummitummi, which food would you choose for your comfort and nourishment? 

chicken@dan-mcdevitt.com   or beef@dan-mcdevitt.com  

We will tabulate the votes, after lunch somewhere, and post the results soon.



Brand Broadcast ---

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