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Business Consultant & Intermediary

Confidence and trust is the issue, not price.  Maximize every opportunity to exhibit and provide value.

Dan McDevitt, Marketserve, Memphis, Tennessee USA


Dan is a creative business consultant & intermediary.  Experienced in hospitality, management and training, business sales and franchising, he takes a leadership position in helping clients and associates reach their business goals. 

The fresh marketserve at your service culture sprang from the vibrant groundwork of his consulting practice, established in 1989.  He has a professional background as a business consultant, intermediary and training adviser.  He has also served in corporate hospitality management and training positions in the U.S.

I team up, collaborate and consult to help you reach your goals and increase your revenues. 

“Following the light of the sun, we left the old world.”      Christopher Columbus

For me, it is about you.  My 20+ years experience in business relations, training and franchising, can help you boost sales and profits.  I give you my independent focus on your goals, increasing your revenues is my job.

*Writing exclusive content, for you and with you, tuned individualized copy that will enhance both the message & the messenger.  *Consulting and collaborating with you, and on your behalf, being hands-on and mind-on to raise the success levels of you and your brand.  *Business intermediary, representing your business interests, we will provide you with cost effective, discreet services in business sales and acquisitions.  *Management professional at your service, will consult and provide the best in ongoing and interim hospitality management services.  *Your communication with humanity is a key ingredient to your success.  *Our direction, design and creation of viable content and presentation for your websites and web casts will distance you beyond the competition.  We create articles and memos on business & leisure interests with both local and global appeal.  Boost your media, newspaper, newsletter, smoke signal, corporate publications and magazines, to increase audience, attention and acceptance.   

Dan McDevitt-Marketserve-Memphis, Tennessee USA

Business Consultant & Intermediary

Marketserve Management

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio 

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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