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Buying Lodging Today-It is logical

Interest is growing stronger in buying lodging properties in 2010 through 2012.  Buying one hotel as an investment or working on portfolio creation is a good move.  You do not have to decide between capital growth and current revenue.  You can have both today

A hospitality professional experienced in the hotel buying process can serve as your retained consultant in targeting the right properties at the right terms for you.

The game is heating up.  Competition for select properties that make dollars and sense will be intense. 

Properties with stable value, and some available at discounts, are the ones to target.  Intermediaries experienced in locating and securing the deals can help you.  In full confidentiality, without obligation, you can contact President@dan-mcdevitt.com .  Strong upside capital growth and rental income today is the desired combination.  Potential transactions include unique inns, resorts, full and limited service hotels.  Focus is on best opportunities in the United States, Canada and Central America.

Clientele includes investors and owners seeking additional properties.  Investment companies are looking for the next project.  Individuals involved in entertainment and sports want a secure haven for wealth.  Entrepreneurs are in the hunt for ventures. 

We work within a cultivated network of professionals.  Our varied interests include hospitality, business management and acquisitions, marketing and training.  A century of combined years experience advising, managing, buying for profit, marketing for gain, positioning for sale, gives our associates an unrivalled advantage in today’s market. 

We can advise on current deals.  Our wanted list includes lodging such as hotels, upscale inns and bed & breakfasts, resorts and occupied multi-family housing.  Available for discreet review of property related matters.  Initial conversations are always at no cost or obligation.  Clear quotes on fees are supplied prior to engagement.  We act for you, welcoming new client interest in building a portfolio.

Private individuals and institutional concerns appreciate our assistance, contacts and expertise.  Hear the news.  Hotels are available to investors offering nice yields and strong growth.  Discounts are offered at times that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We can assemble the best deal for you, with income, appreciation, and management in place.  Opportunities appear daily.  They change daily.  Let us discuss what you are looking for.


Here is a disclaimer:  All details of opportunities and transactions believed accurate pending due diligence.  None of the information constitutes a contract.  All subject to change without notice.  Such is life.

Inquiries and interests are always treated in a confidential manner.  We can have discreet and open conversation as we decide if the next step is taken together.  Your contact comes directly to me and receives prompt attention.



Please let us know whenever we can assist you in any manner.  Questions, comments, ideas and assignment needs, talk is free – not cheap. 

Thank you.  DM


Buying Lodging Today-It is logical

Marketserve Marketing

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio


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