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Man, it does look crazy at times.  This financial uncertainty and unscrupulous behaviors are too much the new norm.  It is business as unusual.  We need help.  More than change, we need some change management.  You and I hear a lot of talk about the business world changing.  That subject is now past tense.  The world has changed.  No need to panic, but we should pay attention.  We understand not every change is a crisis. 

Even as some clouds clear away to sunny blue skies, we know it will never be the same.  We now have to talk about what is true today.  We need to talk, as we continue to experience our psychological evolution.  Many things still on the horizon will change businesses and management of all sizes.  You take a remote control to change the television program.  Now is the time to take full control and change the yourvision program.  Vision and knowledge are needed to take the lead in change management.  Get some books off the shelf.  Go to the bookseller, or the library, and get the latest words on change management.  We need to keep reading and studying.  The test is a tough one that we cannot fail.

Here are a few tips that may be useful.  Please beware that the tips may change.

Get a good grasp of what you need to do, but hold your plans loosely.  Both you and your plans need to be adaptable.  Change management involves helping others understand and accept the needed changes.  You are working with real people, human beings, not machines.

Prepare for the emotions and resistance you will feel in yourself and face in others.  Look out for the implementation dips in the road to improvement.  Keep in mind that the long view is how to look at change.  Just knowing where you are going does not make you there.  Even with a long view measured in weeks rather than years, change does not happen overnight. 

Change Management Training 

Training involves us delivering ideas to others to get something different, maybe better, than the current outcome.  Use your humane skills in training.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  We have this power within us.  We give it and receive it.  We try to understand it and share it.  We should use it every day as we interact and communicate.

Most of us try to be less barbaric and more gracious.  Some days are better than others are.  Our humane skill is the degree of success we have in communicating with our fellow workers and others on the planet.

Delivering ideas to train people requires communicating effectively.  You and I leading the way is how we reach the company goals.  We need to relate.  We need to transmit directions in humane ways for people to receive and respond in humane ways.  We can use our time being referees or use our time wisely being trainers.  Be humane.  Train humane

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