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YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  You are not in management but want to be.  You are management and do not want to be.  Either ambition is okay.  In business, you are involved with management in some fashion.

You do management work.  You seek management, relate to management, communicate with or try your best to avoid management.  Like the weather, everybody talks about management and control, but does nothing about it.  It is everywhere.  It may be you.  You have to deal with it.  Communicative, work ethic and integrity are ingredients you see in some managers, and not in others.  This is worth considering for our associates and ourselves.

Leave self-limitation and growth stifle out of the mix.  Try new ingredients, study new subjects, new recipes.  This cross-pollination can help you in fascinating ways.

Experiment with ingredient ideas.  Stir them in the soup.  Control all the recipe ideas you can.  Use now or save for some other dish.  Season to taste; you are the cook.   

Control is good, positive, with purpose.  Micro managing and control freaking are necessary control functions of management poorly implemented.  Some employees, who liked me, once bestowed me with the title ‘Helicopter Manager’.  They said I hovered around and looked over shoulders too much.  I cast a shadow, and was a pain in the neck, more or less.  Not said to hurt me, but there was a sting to it.  We wanted the same things.  But, they wanted smaller portions of observation and hot air.  They needed more support, less stifle, less leaning.  I learned, a few times, how to help, do not hover.   

Control is corrective and/or preventive actions set in motion, to align personnel and performance desired, to meet company objectives.  Control the plan we organize and direct to reach our goals.  The answer to why control is we are management.  Where and when to control is learned individually and relearned eternally.

Planning, organizing, directing and controlling are active ingredients in the best management recipes.  They are always good, and good for you.  Let me help, please contact me for discreet confidential discussion without obligation.  All inquiries come directly to me and receive prompt attention.  DM  


Questions, comments, recipe needs – talk is free, not cheap. 

Dan McDevitt-Marketserve-Memphis, Tennessee USA

A Management Recipe

Planning - Organizing - Directing - Controlling.

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