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In one view of professional services, you have two compelling forces.

One force is the mechanics, the body of the program. 

Mechanics will include the business objectives, expressed in policy, procedures, training manuals.  This is what we do, when, where.  However extensive or complex the mechanics may be, they are visible.   You can put your hands on them and with whatever difficulty they can be comprehended.   

The other compelling force is the culture, the mind of the program. 

Culture may be described in writing and announced in speech.  Culture is more elusive than mechanics.  Culture can be present, yet invisible, affecting the how and why of our work.  Culture is the air we breathe into the body of mechanics. Culture is formed, guided, by our human interactions, values, attitudes and perceptions.  Hard to put your hands on, touch, or at times comprehend, but still you know when it is right, and when it is choking you.

As we aspire to sustain a winning culture, we knowingly work with diversity in background, geography, knowledge levels, and other factors.  We see benefits when matching client or franchisee selection with the desired culture. 

There is more ease in understanding and desire to meet appropriate standards and benchmarks.  We gain a competitive advantage over those with a less supportive culture. We need to communicate a respect for integrity, and give room for opposing ideas honestly stated.  We must make continuous quality improvement the norm for growth, and strive to over deliver in our service to others.  We prepare for success by preparing for change and detours on the journey. 

The wisdom of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is timeless.  The beauty of seek first to understand is priceless.

Our daily actions demonstrate the culture we believe in.  As individual atoms congeal into matter, individual actions congeal into culture.   While you still cannot touch it, you can feel it. Effective professional service providers understand that good communication and idea flow in all directions is a key to success.  Listening, questioning, understanding the practical needs of the moment, consulting with others, helping drive the business model, are all action steps that help fulfill the goals.

A client or franchisee advisory council is an important format, to listen, and to receive critical input.  The proactive representative engaged in serving, equally as liaison and peer of the client or franchisees, wants to support and participate in networking and meetings with these main street front-liners.

The franchisees success and loyalty is the point. Successful franchisees will tend to self-establish a culture of voluntary support for actions and initiatives that they help create and that promote their success.   

Ask how they feel about the program, the support, the marketing, the culture. Ask them in surveys and in person.  Do not be afraid to learn, and discover misunderstandings now.  Ask questions, hear what is said or not said. Ask them because you do want to know now.  Help them help you help them.

Each participant in relationships contributes to success. 

Each member of a client service program, at the corporate office and on the street, is accountable for the success of his or her culture.  Professional representatives should willingly, humbly serve as custodians of the culture.

Marketserve professionals bring experience in addressing franchise ownership and management needs.  We encourage open discussion regarding team roles & responsibilities.    

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