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Your brand is you.  You want to give careful attention to what this means.  Long before you think about the packaging and promoting, before you peddle your product, think about the ingredients of you.  Mixing with the milk, you want to snap, crackle and pop.   

Product development always answers to the marketplace.  Where, how, and why the product fits in is a big concern.  You need to be you.  You need to know what this you is all about, what it means to be you, and what is the appeal of you.

By now, you should be at a point in your development where you know what is important to you, what is valuable to you, what matters to you.  Asking and re-asking some of these basic questions of yourself will refine the ingredients of you.  What are you, what you stand for, what you love and hate, what you want to be, are difficult to ask yourself.  Ask and answer them before someone else asks and answers for you.  Control and define your product development.

You are you.  Your brand, as any good brand, is evaluated on how authentic, consistent and clear it is, or not.  We all evolve and grow as living beings.  Your personal brand will evolve in time.   People trust in authentic, consistent, clear brand messages.  You want trust. 

Brand reflection is what you see in the mirror.  What you see is biased.  Ask trusted advisors and friends what they see.  Seek out, and brace yourself for honesty.  Honesty sometimes stings.  It only hurts for a little while.  You can get over it, adjust and grow.  Move on to a better you, better product development.

In nurturing your brand, you only want to brand package and brand broadcast the best product you.

Best brand you competes and brings the decision makers, passing by other barely comparable choices, to you.  Be the brand you can be.  

Do not just take my word for it.  As if you are paying any attention to what I am saying.  The branding pros, the practitioners and advisors will tell you that looking at branding as a strategy is taking the long term view.

Some attributes of your good brand may change and morph a little in time, but the core value and delivery must remain consistent.  Without consistency, what you call your brand is just another product.  Today’s flavor of the day is displaced by tomorrow’s flavor of the day.

From here to eternity if you like.  Dream to duration, your brand develops and is developed over time.  Be awake, your brand is not an overnight sensation.  Wherever you are in your brand travel, your strengths and what you are about unfolds daily.  Know thyself.  You are you, and what makes your offer special, different and better than the rest will be evident, and witnessed in time.

First, the brand is.  Then, the brand is what you breathe and labor with, what you market, promote and sell until your heart is content. 



Brand Develop---

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