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Being a leader or a follower is noble.  While conceptual skills present in leaders and followers is good, conceptual skill is critical for management to direct and lead.

Conceptual skill is the degree of success you have in forming ideas and creating concepts.  It is in you.  Our predecessors used conceptual skill in scratching images in their heads onto their cave walls. You can direct your story.  Conceptual thinking flows naturally around the right side of your brain.  It may not feel natural.  Most of us have brain clutter impeding the process and barriers to get around.  Seek and direct conceptual thinking to propel your company beyond the competition.

If we choose to command, we must command, and direct our epic productions.  Another crucial ingredient is directing.  The degree of difficulty has risen. 

Directing is supervising and controlling action, other people’s action.  It is a work of art.  We do not get it right every time.  Directing people is work.  We must think about it, look and study, and keep trying.  Trying is more trying in smaller organizations; we are closer to each other.  We depend on others, and they need to know they can depend on us.

Management directs and controls actions in order to assist others in achieving the company goals.  This is the objective.  Failure to direct is failure et al.  Do not miss the measure here.  Continue to study, train and think it forward. 

Direct yourself.  What motivates you is not different from what motivates those you need to direct.   Employees who are properly stimulated, poked and provoked to surpass expectations will help you reach the company goals.  

I want to treat this point with the respect it deserves.  Directing a positive interpersonal relationships environment can boost company productivity off the chart.  Be aware this will not occur on day one, and that areas needing improvement are a moving target.  Let me help, and together we can discretely look at strengths and targets, and ways to increase revenue.  management@dan-mcdevitt.com  

We are competitive and self-preserving.  This stuff about understanding does not seem natural and can be discomforting.  As we work at it, we awake and get over ourselves. Be of value to those you direct.  You need an improved you every day.  Ask people how they are doing, and how you are doing.  Prepare for honest answers.   Take responsibility for mistakes.  All mistakes are yours.  You are the manager.  

Stir in directing carefully.  You want to add a pinch of controlling.

A Management Recipe

Planning - Organizing - Directing - Controlling.

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Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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