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A moment of discovery

There comes a time in each life when inventory is taken.  You look at yourself inside and out, in your mirror and in your mind.  You may squint and squirm.  You may have a deer in the headlights moment, startled by what you see.  Certainly, you will see many things about yourself that you like.  After all, this is you, looking at you.  What’s not to like.    

The few things you see about yourself that you do not like, you can change.  I assume there are only a few things.  This is you we are talking about today.  You can change whatever you want whenever you want.  Accept what you cannot change, which is very little.  Accept it and adjust you view.  It is all in how you look at yourself and your situation.  Be critical, but not mean.  You may have a lemon or two to work on.  Make some lemonade.  Almost everybody likes lemonade.

As you are taking stock of what you have to work with, think about what you want to do.  Think about what you want and what you can do with what you have.  Be real, you can do most anything you want.  It may not be easy being you, and it may not be easy doing what you want.  Easy to do and hard to do are the same thing.  It is all in how you look at it.   Look at it as easy, and get to work.  Please let me know when I can assist you.  DM

There was a brief moment of discovery for me awhile back.  Maybe it was more of a realization.  I have been on this planet earth and in the Americas most of my life existence.  I learned this language, English, and I like this English language.  I speak it and write it.

With maybe a passing grade in both, I realized that I am better at writing than I am at speaking.  I realized why this is so.  I can think about something when writing, let my mind wander, and it does wander.  Then, I can write it, think or wander some more, and continue writing.  Two separate functions here, one is thinking, the other is writing.

I do not do as well in speaking.  Speaking requires me to think and talk, at the same time.  Doing two things at once is hard for me.  I am not good at this multi-tasking stuff.  Thinking and talking, me thinking at the same time it is me talking.  That is a hard combination for me.  The sometimes long pause between spoken words is tiring, for both of us.

People see my special look of wander during a spoken word pause.  I felt flattered the first time someone said I was special.  As people said it to me more, I realized, in one of those moments of self-discovery, what they meant.  I guess they are right.  I am special, but working on it. 

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A moment of discovery

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