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In the old days BC, we sent personal and business mail to each other, written on paper and stuffed in envelopes.  The postal service pricing structure offered a choice of either first class or second-class postage stamps.  Either stamp got your mail delivered or lost.  A second-class stamp was sufficient.  However, the first class stamp at a couple pennies more in price denoted a sense of importance, and bolstered the belief your mail was delivered before late next week.     

The concepts of direct mail marketing used as a traditional form of raising product awareness and lead generation for many businesses evolved into today’s email marketing.  Email communication fits nicely into our instant quick and easy mindset.  You have no need to fumble around gathering up a piece of paper, a pen or typewriter, an envelope and a stamp to send your message.  If you can find your computer, you can communicate and market away.

Be sure to use this technology to your advantage and not to your disadvantage.  Do it right.  You can do it right yourself, and have the consulting help of individuals or email marketing companies.  Many of us easily use email to communicate with friends and business associates.  It is just as easy to communicate with clients, customers and prospects.

Email marketing is not as easy as one, two, three, but it is close to that easy.  Like anything else worth doing, and worth doing right, you get better with study and practice. The study is to look at the email marketing you receive.  Look at it, see what you like about it.  Think about the parts you like.  Think about why you like some parts of the email marketing you receive, and why you do not like some parts.  What you like, in general, other humans will also like.  Use what you like.

Practice in doing.  Continue your study and get doing.  Let me say it, every journey starts with the first step.  The first step here is to build an email mailing list, an email database.  Enter one name and  email address at a time into your group.  Repeatedly repeat this step.  You can have any number of contacts in a group, and any number of groups, that you want.  Add contacts and grow your lists as you go along and grow your business.

The second step is to create some messages and decide on presentations.  You can have one hundred words in one message, and one thousand words in another.  You can share important product information, promote a great deal, and discuss the benefits the buyer receives.  Your format can be the  same as sending an email to a friend.  You may develop it into an email newsletter in time.

The third step is to determine a schedule of when you will send email marketing to specific groups.  You may need to be in front of them once or twice a month, or more or less.  Time is of the essence in business.  Do not wear them out or wear yourself out with too much frequency.

These three steps get you started in your email marketing.  You can contact me for other tips and ideas if you want at dan@dan-mcdevitt.com.  We can communicate, and maybe decide to work together to build your business and increase your revenues with first class email marketing.

Our talk is confidential and without obligation.  Inquiries come directly to me and receive prompt attention.  Please let me know whenever I can assist you in any manner.  Thanks.


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Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

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