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I heard the news today, oh boy.  Recovery is real, even if not very strong, everywhere, yet.

In hotel and lodging, and in all other businesses, we are making plans, putting together budgets, analyzing numbers and working hard to keep bottom lines more black than not.  Let us get the flip charts warmed up.

Maybe both in spite of, and because of, governments helping hand, the economy is regaining strength. We are anxious to move from survival to success plans.  Make big plans.  Here’s a plan.  Well, first, I need a volunteer to write stuff on the flip charts.  Okay, thanks.  Write this on the flip chart, and you at the tables, use your notepads.  Make a million dollars. 

Start there.  Make a million dollar$  Can everybody see? 

Make a million dollars, or real close to it, or a whole lot more.  Be flexible.  Very seriously now, inventory your skills that you can rely on, be thinking on what you can do, and what opportunities you can focus on.  Maybe you do this along with your current work, or in addition to what you now do to make a living.  You decide when, not whenever.  Oh yeah.       Write that down.  You Decide When-not whenever

You decide how and what works best.  This is all about you and that is okay.  Here’s the timeline.  Make a million dollars in one year, maybe two maybe less.  Be flexible, but resolved.  It is not automatic just because you decided.   Get fresh air.  Meet with one or two colleagues regularly.  Make a million dollars is the topic.  Talk, and listen, to each other.  Discuss and question ideas.  When you agree an idea needs action, your team is in place.  Go for your gold.

Okay, flip the page over and we will talk about hotel and sales like we are supposed to do.  In the hotel and lodging business, we work each day to build occupancy, tone average daily rate and increase revenue per available room.  Job 1 is to sell one more room.

Job #1 sell one more room You already wrote it down. 

This is it!  You got it, and then sell one more room.  Sell all your rooms.  The more rooms sold, the better your rate gets.  Sell rooms.  This is our business, to make money.  The aim of any business is to sell enough, to exceed costs, to make a profit.  Confidence in taking a step at a time forward, is the theme for our recovery-turned-success plan.

Here is a question for you owners, operators, and management in today’s audience.  Do you want to sell some more rooms, or the entire hotel?  Marketserve professionals with years of  experience in hospitality, training and hotel sales, are at your service.   Discreet focus on your goals and increasing your revenues is our job.  Please let us know of any questions, ideas or assignment needs you want to discuss, in total confidence.  We can talk, without cost or obligation to either of us.  We can decide together if we want to work together.  We can team up to solve one problem at a time, and help you increase revenues and profits.

Please contact me directly at dan@dan-mcdevitt.com and together we can decide a time to have a confidential, no obligation discussion.  Thank you.

Dan McDevitt-Marketserve-Memphis, Tennessee  USA

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Marketserve training

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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