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Hotel & lodging properties are in a duplex of a high demand and high supply market.  Your mission as a buyer, if you should choose to accept it, is to seek the best, seek the right property in the right place.  We have discussed this mission in other meetings, and we will spend just a few minutes in review.  The mission is possible.    

Let us look at working on success in the market.  We are either sellers or buyers in the hotel and lodging marketplace.  As either buyers or sellers, we all want the same thing.  We want to make a deal that works well for us and that is in our best interest.  Each of us wants fair value.  You and I know that fair value of a property is the price at which a seller is willing to sell, and the price at which a buyer is willing to buy.  We know it; this idea of fair value is easy to understand. 

We find, almost in every mission, that difficulties arise in having both seller and buyer agreeing on the same fair value.  That is a hard part of the deal many times.  The reasons for selling a property, and the reasons for buying a property will motivate the difference of opinion.  It would seem easy to sell a successful hotel property.  The value of the selling price is supported by the current revenue flow.  The buyer and the seller talk, and the seller supplies documents for the buyer to review that clearly show it is a good deal. 

This sounds good.  It should be a smooth deal.  Somewhere between smooth deal and done deal is the real deal.  In the real deal, reality will show up early, bringing the clutter of details.  You may be up late, with transaction challenges, and hurdles to handle, before going to a closing. 

We can help.  Buyer, seller, broker and lender, we should talk, in the beginning.  Wherever you are in the mission, we can help.  We know the trail, the right direction, the terrain and the conditions.  You may also, and still benefit from some additional experience beside you on the trail.  The deal trail can get cold very fast.  Marketserve dealmakers working with you will keep the deal moving.  Our experience pool has the deal ready knowledge to handle those pesky issues that you and I know will arise.     

You can skip the nightmare drama when you go to sell or buy the hotel or inn of your dreams.  Marketserve professionals coordinate with all the stakeholders, to guide and direct your transaction with care and deliver you success.

The mission is possible, doable.  We can do it together.  With years of valued experience, we work with you, lenders, brokers and owners, to bring the one result we all desire, transaction closed, done deal, mission accomplished.

Dan McDevitt-Marketserve-Memphis, Tennessee USA

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Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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