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Hotel Staging-It is sensible

The complexity and competition of today’s hotel and lodging marketplace requires refined management and marketing skills, for success in daily operations and for the successful sale of the property.  Marketserve team professionals assist current owners, lenders and investors in reaching success in hotel business operations, and in selling the property in a timely manner.

You, and your competition, have diverse performance requirements and timeline demands for each lodging asset.  Your needs should be addressed as individual and specific to your situation.  Achieving the desired financial return on your investment is as critical to us as it is to you.  We do this together. 

Providing discreet advisory and services to help you reach your goals is our goal.  We know that lenders, note holders, owners and investors want their intermediary to keep them current on Operations Review and Oversight to best position their property for sale.  Vigilant financial monitoring with maintained accounting and cash control is critical to you in staging your property.

You want to work with professionals to provide a peace of mind with management services that address your needs for interim or extended on-site management.  Prepare now for the durability and often needed transferability of franchise and management relationships.  

Have confidence as we are at your service, we will be hands-on and minds-on in daily operations duties of staffing, reviews, and payables and receivables analysis.  We recognize that pertinent marketing decisions are key, and offer guidance in market surveys, and in the planning and ongoing review of an implemented sales program.

We emphasize that training is as important to your hotel as electricity.  Training powers your guest service, food service, housekeeping and sales delivery.  You and your competition, everybody in town, have a building with beds and everything else.  Your people power your lodging value, and affect the sales price.  You need them to be on full power.  We assess and advise on training direction, and will provide the talent desired for training, quality assurance review, inspection, renovation and project oversight.


MEMO TO LENDERS, OWNERS, and INVESTORSYour hotel and lodging investments are complex assets that require refined management and marketing skills.  Hospitality professionals with Marketserve know that each day either adds or subtracts value.  Your quality value of daily activities performed on-site and off-site influence value at the time of asset divestiture.  The right time to begin the hotel preparation for sale is now.  Let us stage your hotel correctly for optimum sale now and initiate a discreet buyer search.




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Hotel staging-It is sensible

Marketserve Marketing

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio


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