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Our management tasks are as varied as our experiences and backgrounds.  In a days first half, I have helped with breakfast, interviewed a management candidate, met with investors, made franchise selections and hosted a brunch for a civic organization, with note pad and soft drink in hand.  All of our colleagues do the same.  It is what we do. 

We can be of service when you want conversation with real world business technicians and associates experienced in management, franchise relations, hospitality & lodging, talent recruitment, brand advancement and business sales, and that is all before lunch some days.

Bringing experience in addressing ownership needs, focusing creative minds on exceeding goals, adding team strength, helping increase loyalty and profits is the job.  Our chosen niche consulting work is independent and specialized, always focused on the client‘s interests.  We create umbrella group strategies to reach goals, collaborating with select specialists in cultivated networks of professionals in management, marketing, hospitality, acquisitions, media and franchising.  No moss is growing here.

Assisting owners, investors, lenders with asset decisions, since 1989, our Marketserve management tasks often center on business acquisition consulting and franchise research, and directing management for corporate properties in competitive markets.  We help franchisees and franchisors in openings, operations and training.  As business intermediaries, we work with individuals and investment groups in business acquisition and divestiture interests.  We are experienced in guiding properties through a brand conversion and renovation process.

Individually, I provided management in the opening and operations of a business brokerage firm, and a franchise consulting and development firm.  Previously I served as business director for a company providing consulting and services in business investment and sales.  As a franchise sales and business consultant for a leading real estate program, franchise representative for developing and major brand franchises, I learned and gained valuable experience in business management, franchising, training, acquisitions and sales.  I am appreciative and indebted for the guidance and friendships given me.  Still with daily learning, wonder and amazement, I work on my management tasks to serve client needs and believe firmly we all live and prosper together.

Please let me know whenever I can assist you in any manner.  Best regards.  DM 

Dan McDevitt-Marketserve-Memphis, Tennessee USA

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