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Welcome to Marketserve Marketing.

We have the corner office suite with lots of windows.

Marketing is a little more colorful than management, just because.


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We welcome open and confidential discussion of your marketing needs.  Advancing your brand and promoting your business is as important to us as it is to you.  There is no hard sell.  You and I talk and listen.  We may team up, consult and collaborate, and partner with the best media and marketing minds to help you reach your goals.

We advise, without obligation, on business sales and acquisitions, and consult on franchise considerations.  Established network professionals welcome our call. 

Questions, ideas, assignment needs, our talk is free-not cheap.

Always confidential, inquiries come directly to me at dan@dan-mcdevitt.com


Please let me know whenever I can assist you in any manner.  Thanks.    Dan


Marketserve Marketing  

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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