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Marketing is your message to humanity.

*You want a million people to agree with your idea or buy your product.

*You are seeking a million individual decisions. 

*Your message has to be talking to me, you talking to me, one to one. 

*You talking to me.  What you say determines if I even hear you. 

*How you speak to me decides if I choose to receive your message.

 1.  I want a million people to agree with me and use my services. 

 2.  I am not talking to a million people as you read this. 

 3.  I am talking to you.

Marketing, advertising, branding, webbing,

writing, training, blogging and bumper sticking

are some vehicles to drive your message. 

Whatever, the message is the message. 

*This is you talking.

*You have something wonderful to offer. 

*It is the best there is.  Your value is outstanding. 

*This is me talking.

I can help you reach out and touch a million and more people.  I will team up, consult and collaborate with you.  We will reach your goals and increase your revenues.  I will waive the initial retainer fee of $1.  Tell me why we are not working together.  

You talk to me.  I want to hear.  marketing2one@dan-mcdevitt.com



Marketing 2 One

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