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Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio 

We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy each visit.

Marketserve IS Dan McDevitt & friends helping friends.  We team up, consult and collaborate to help you reach your goals.  Marketserve is the place to be.  You are home and always welcome here. 

Marketserve is what we call it.  Management is idea leadership.

Marketing is sharing the message.  Studio is creating our world.

about this marketserve Our philosophy at Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio is that, simply, we all live and prosper together.  Like-minded friends and professionals interact to assist one another within an umbrella group of leading thought and action.

about those others People who participate with Marketserve represent diversity in opinion, talent, background and geographic location.  Our group picture is an organic mosaic of friends around the globe.  We realize that we are all the same, except for our differences, those wonderful differences.

about that dan Dan is a business consultant, intermediary and writer.  Based in Memphis, Tennessee USA, he brings real world experience in business relations and idea advancement.  With a successful background in effective communication and training, hospitality management, business sales and franchising, he takes a leadership position in helping clients and associates reach business goals.

This fresh marketserve sprang from the fertile soil of his Management & Marketing Services consulting practice, established in 1989.  Along with 20+ years experience as a business consultant and intermediary, management and training adviser, he has served in corporate hospitality management and training positions in the U.S.

Business is serious but not solemn.  Fun and work mix nicely.  I invite my civilized friends to join us.  Feel free to do the same.  Let me know if I can get you anything.

FYI, B2B, business to business is person to person for me.

I live and learn.  Pausing to consider, I listen, move on, retool and rethink.  Seeking to understand, I head to work. 

My personal hope is that any information I share is useful to you.  Not presenting grand portraits of knowledge, I merely offer sketches drawn from experience and observation.  My real world experience is in corporate and franchise relations, business sales, hospitality, management and training.  Any success in attaining goals comes from a focus on the team strengths that boost sales and profits.

Thanks for being here.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and be of service.  Please let me know whenever I can assist you in any manner.  Thank you.    Dan


Dan McDevitt, Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Memphis, Tennessee, USA  dan@dan-mcdevitt.com


Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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