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Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management

Hospitality & Lodging Properties have as many challenges as any other business.  Most see the show from the audience, not seeing the work backstage.  Monitoring lodging assets requires skill, knowledge and some artistry.   

Professionals collaborating in the Marketserve Group serves the needs of today’s owners, lenders and investors.  They bring the specific skill sets needed in monitoring and managing active hotel and lodging businesses.  Marketserve team members provide insight and invaluable real world hands-on experience.

Professional services and advisory on assets, management, sales and training.  

Operations Review + Oversight–Advance property in competitive set 

Financial Monitoring + Control–Maintain Accounting + Cash Control

Management Services–Interim + Extended needs for On-Site Management

Franchise and Management - Company Relations

Daily Operations - Staffing, Reviews, Payables/Receivables Analysis 

Marketing – Market Survey, Plan, Implement and Review Sales Program

Training – Guest Service, Food Service, Housekeeping and Sales

Quality Assurance Review – Inspection, Renovation, Project Oversight

Asset Divestiture – Hotel Preparation For Sale, Discreet Buyer Search

Contact us for discreet confidential discussion without obligation.  All inquiries come directly to me and receive prompt attention. 



Dan McDevitt-Marketserve-Memphis, Tennessee USA

Monitoring Lodging Assets

Marketserve Management

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio
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