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Success is not automatic.  You can make instant mashed potatoes but not instant success. Ancient civilizations were known to dry and grind various vegetables.  It was 1962 before Edward Asselbergs organized his plan and was issued a patent for preparation of dehydrated cooked mashed potato.  The rest is potato history. 

The wonderful and inventive David Ogilvy thought he could organize a reputable agency in the advertising world.  His radical ideas were to organize the function of advertising to sell, to make it about the consumer.  He organized ideas, worked hard and created tremendous success.  To get a handle on organizing, you need to give it some thinking, and some second thinking.  Give it all a second thought.  Beyond good looks and luck in management, you will need some skills.  Putting your conceptual, humane, and technical skills in motion will help you and everyone else tremendously with organizing the work.  Management must organize resources to put the business plan into practice.  Being prepared with a business plan will earn you more than a merit badge.

In organizing the business, management determines who does what, establishes the directorial structure, initiates relationships and assigns resources.   We should treat this part more seriously than when we say we are going to clean and organize the garage.  Let me help with questions, comments or recipe needs- management@dan-mcdevitt.com

In business management, as managers of our businesses, we must consider harmony of staff.  As we conceive the organizational chart and structure the departments on paper, we want to think about how a variety of people and talents will communicate, respond and relate with each other.  Good communication and free flow of information and data is as vital in management health as in most other life activities. 

The job titles and department names we put on our charts represent people.  People who need people and understand they need people.  They travel the learning curve more successfully than those who do not get it.  Management large and small divides the workload to meet its needs.  We have many equally important business functions competing for time slots.  Organizing is management deciding who does what, where and when. 

In large organizations, this will mean handing over responsibilities and the authority to suitable persons and departments. In many of our smaller organizations, this means wearing one hat for the hour or day, and wearing different hats during the other hours and the other days.  Either way, keep the hats stylish and comfortable.  Nobody wants to wear a frumpy hat. 

Organizing is good in a management dish.  Season with directing.

A Management Recipe

Planning - Organizing - Directing - Controlling.

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