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Brand Package ---  

We know the cereal companies, and most everyone with something to sell, spend big budget dollars on packaging and promoting the products they develop.

Yes, it is about the product.  As important as the product or service inside is, the package is what we see first.  Here we are with that first impression thing again.  It does not matter whether I like this notion, or whether you think it is superficial, it is how we all are.  Accept the truth; work with it.

We do judge a book by its cover.  Appearance does matter.  The package, the wrappings, has a job to do equally as important as the product.  The package needs to attract our attention, inform us of value within, and persuade us that this product is the best choice.    That is a big assignment.

Getting your brand package to work is work.  Keeping your brand package working is more work.

My cereal choice is not in the flashiest, most colorful package.  My choice each time is based on what I first perceived, as this is something I will like, and then found to be true, for me.

Of course, we are not boxes of cereal on the grocery shelf.  We are human beings, professionals, artists, skilled people, appearing on a large commercial stage.  For many today, the stage is global.  The one-man shows, and all the cast members of a corporate troupe, share the same challenge to be seen.  Attracting attention, to be seen, and considered, is the reason packaging is important.

The package identifies the product.  Package elements for you and your brand will include identity basics of name, title and address expressed on mediums of business cards, letterheads and websites. 

Your name may stay the same, title and location may change.  The flesh of the matter, you, your self, your appearance, personality and style, your speaking and writing manner, is the package you present for brand consideration.  These elements can be improved, altered and adjusted as desired.  You be you.  Change what you want to change.  

Many of us work, or have worked, for big corporations.  Their brand, flag and logo may be well known.  We identify ourselves with our corporate personality.  We are identified by others within our corporate brand image. 

Working at a corporate level, with a mid-size business or an owner-operator business, we are looked at, studied and evaluated, and branded in the eye of the beholder.

Working for a big company, or working independent as a consultant or intermediary, you can create your individual brand identity.  The packaging of your personal brand can appear on individual news releases, correspondence, blogs and websites. 

For an imperfect example, see Dan at www.marketserve.posterous.com . 

Got brand?  Yes you do.  You have done brand develop and brand package for your brand.  You are cooking.  The oven is hot.  Donít keep it a secret.  Tell the big world you are here.  You are ready now to brand broadcast. 

Can I say a little more?  Can you listen to a fellow student a little more, please?

Caution, keep your brand and your brand identity separate.  They should be close but not touching.  In your mind and mine, and in others minds, do not confuse brand and brand identity.  They are not one in the same.  One is one thing, and the other is another thing.

Your brand is you, who you are and what you do.  Your brand is what you serve and how you serve it.  Your brand is your promise to do your best. 

Brand identity is the symbols of you, the tangible that you see, hear and read.  The words of media, presentations and advertisements, signage, business cards and brochures identify your brand. 

Golden arches identify a brandThe promise of consistent quality food is the brand.  The buildings and equipment, and product, are merely buildings, equipment and product.  It is just that simple, and it is not.



Brand Package ---

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