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Peddling Your Brand ---    

Your brand is the best.

Let us talk about your favorite subject, you.  It is okay to feel that way, to think it, to say it.  Your favorite subject is you.  You like you.  I get it.  I am okay with that.  You need to be okay with that. 

Sometimes my wife lets me go to the grocery store by myself.  She will give me a list, some direction on where to find things, and a few words about our budget.  We make the list for a reason, she explains.  Be careful.  Have fun.

I go straight to the cereal aisle.  Mile long shelves stocked with colorful boxes of more choices than any human needs for breakfast.  Wear your sunglasses and walking shoes.  After much box reading and study, I select the same cereal every time.  It patiently waits on me as I fumble my way down the aisle.   I gently place the box in the cart.  This is my cereal.  No words are needed.  We both knowWe connect.

There exists cereals with more ingredients, better ingredients, better prizes and maybe better for me.  I scoff at the folly of all the bright colors and characters screaming for my attention.  Choose me.  I am sweet and crunchy.  Raisins, walnuts, dates, you know you want me. Sadly, for them, I am already spoken for.  I feel their sorrow.

As in all choices made in life, someone selecting your brand is the result of collected emotional cues, feelings and thoughts gathering, and stimulated impulses influencing your brainís decision making process.

This is obviously not from a psychology book.  This is from my continuing wide-lens look at humanity, and a ticking sound I hear.  I am reading, studying, listening and ever wondering why we do it.  This is how I see it, and how I say it.  I can picture advertisements and grocery coupons for many of the cereal brands I see in the store and do not buy.  I cannot remember ever seeing an ad or promotion of any sort for the cereal brand I choose to buy.  I would like to know what my brain knows.

Singing in the rain, we have showers of products, goods and services, and life experiences raining on our heads.  Raindrops, like snowflakes I guess, are all different, but look very similar.  We are awash in quality and nifty products and services.  It is as difficult for us to spot the differences sometimes as it is for the companies to show us the differences.  We cannot see the rain for the raindrops.

Here are a few thoughts to consider in fresh waking moments on brand develop, brand package, and brand broadcast.

           brand develop   brand package   brand broadcast

For you or any brand, being known and remembered is critical.  Your brand struggles to stand out in a crowd of similarity, and to be seen as distinct and not just better, but genuinely the best.  Your brand somehow has to convince and assure the buyer they are making the correct choice for them.

Brand is more about choices than about judgments.  Consumer decisions are more often based on emotion and belief than on the quality and features a brand offers.  We choose brands for their benefits to us, the precise what is in it for me factor.  The strong brand expresses their unique value over time in a clear, concise and convincing manner.  The strong survive. 

Marketing is preparing The Brand for when, for the decision.  Advertising is placing The Brand for now, for the time of purchase.  The work of marketing is to prepare and strengthen the brand on a daily basis.  None of this is easy, but it needs to be done.  Either you are a commodity, a box of cereal still on the shelf, or you are The Brand of choice.   



 Your brand is the best.

Peddling Your Brand ---

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