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The process will have some variation.  Thinking about selling your business requires a lot of thought.

The idea remains the same.  Think to sell and have a plan to sell your business.

Each merger and acquisition transaction is unique and individual, and personal to the seller.  Business and personal intersect when releasing the dream.  A good plan can keep you from a nightmare.  The steps we see working well for both current and future owners includes understanding how to best value, market and manage the transaction.

Prepare yourself.  When you know the realistic value range of your company, you are better prepared to reach informed decisions regarding your objectives transaction options.  Your intermediary and you will share knowledge of the marketplace, study internal and external factors in play, and consider the climate and activity in the investment and business communities.  You consider numerous liquidity options and make decisions based on your defined goals.  Align yourself with a discreet advisor in making these decisions affecting your proceeds.  Prepare yourself when you plan to sell your business.

Present Yourself.  Your marketing plan to sell your business will favor quite orderly exposure to only a select group of prospects.  While you take care of your business, your intermediary will softly oversee the assembly of needed documentation.  Potential qualified buyers will see concise and detailed information that presents an appealing opportunity.  Your presentation must compete well with other acquisitions under active consideration. 

Seek the Best.  Acquisition candidates are researched long before any contact is made.  The buyer search is domestic and international.  The search will include many related market and industry targets.  This is a confidential process with an objective of having a competitive sale to your advantage.

Team up.  The plan to sell your business, and the successful sale of your business, is a team effort.  As the business owner, you are the team owner.  You have a business to run.  As a smart business owner, you want to take care of the business, and have your business intermediary manage and coach the team talent you both assembled.  You run the business successfully while the team, with precision and skill, sells the business successfully.  

Know the score.  Your intermediary will keep you posted on the steps being taken, and will come to you to review options and decisions.  Your role, and each team memberís role and contributions are equally important.  The first step is you and your intermediary defining the objectives and assembling the team.  The next step is arranging your business presentation, while quietly identifying potential buyers.  Step by step, your team works its way to the goal.

Play to win.  In every season, there is a time for contact.  This step favors those who are well prepared.  You want to support the selected prospective buyers due diligence with pristine documentation.  This is where decisions are made and victories are won.  There is a great deal of drill down, detail and challenge in guiding the transaction to closing.  Hold your celebration and high fives for the post-season victory dinner.  I like mine well done.      

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