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You know what you are doing.  You study, learn, and apply yourself.  As competent as you may be, you need to be more competent.  Remaining all about you is up to you. 

Management skill is the degree of success you have using your knowledge in managing the performance of your business.  You need to be mind-on. Too less knowledgeable is a step too close to obsolete.  Stay active on the learning curve.  You are a smart manager.  You manage you.  You do the days activities in a certain order.  The order is dictated for most of us by circumstances of the moment.  You manage to navigate to the end of the day.  You are management.  Personal management, me managing me, is as trying and rewarding as business management.  Management skills help as much away from work as at work.  Managers may wear multiple hats almost every day.  All management today is expected to face their challenges bravely.  From my viewpoint, the more compact management teams, the owner-operator and the mid-market businesses are the main street heroes of commerce.  This recipe is for you.

We have all known the directive to plan our work and work our plan.  Planning is the alpha function of management.  Your plan is the foundation, the base you build on, the bedrock.  The ongoing fluid activity of planning is the river that runs through it. 

The business plan should express what the company is, where the company is now, and where you want the company to be at some point.  Your degree of formality is your choice.  Flesh out the business plan with thoughtful detail.  List the required course of action needed to reach your business goals

You have noticed the world does not stand still.  A kaleidoscope of modern world external factors will influence your plan.  It is merely your plan, not the world’s plan.  Conditions in the business world will be positive and negative.  Try to have some good lemonade recipes in your back pocket.  Writing your plan is serious but does not have to be drudgery.  Say what you want to accomplish and what you plan to do.  Your business plan states your objectives.  We plan to provide our product, our service, of value to the marketplace, in sufficient volume to reward all stakeholders in abundance.  That is your business plan.  You do need to add some tender loving details so it works for you.  Questions, comments, recipe needs – let us know.  management@dan-mcdevitt.com   

We share some common traits, but do not always think alike.  It is a good thing.  We do not make progress when we all think alike.  Enjoy that everyone’s approach is different.  Try new recipes.   

You need to write your own business plan.  It is your business.  A consultant can help when needed.  Your business plan needs to be in your own write. Here’s the thing.  The plan well thought and written is your ground.  It has to serve as your solid ground.  You will stand your ground as you make your million decisions. 

A new reality is here.  Time demands for decisions on developing opportunity, and developing peril, have accelerated.  The once traditional two-week forecast of a hurricane approaching has fast-forwarded to a two-minute warning of a tsunami heading right at us. Make plans that have you standing post storm, facing the sun and success.

Planning is the main ingredient in management.  Add organizing next.

A Management Recipe

Planning - Organizing - Directing - Controlling.

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