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Thereís nothing you can do that canít be done.  Nothing you can sing that canít be sung. Thereís nothing you can make that canít be made.  Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.  Thereís nothing you can know that isnít known.  Nothing you can see that isnít shown.  Thereís nowhere you can be that isnít where youíre meant to be.  Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote this and said all you need is love.  These are powerful words, and a very powerful belief.  Believe it.

Thereís nothing that can be done that you canít do.  Thereís nothing that can be made that you canít make.  Thereís nothing to be known that you canít know, you think. 

Think of this when you are challenged to make a presentation for your company or a client.  You can make an excellent presentation when you think you can.  Think and know you can.

Know what you are going to say before time to make your presentation.  Know who you are talking to.  When presenting to a group, tailor your talk to a couple of people.  They matter and need to hear what you have to say.  Speak each sentence one to one.  Look individuals in the eye, to keep you both alert.  Talk to them as you would talk to a couple friends.  Influence your audience with both your message information and your delivery.  Be a friend. 

Tell your friends a story.  It is difficult to remember numbers and detailed recitations.  Tell your big story from the beginning, into the middle, to the end.  Sprinkle little stories in to keep everyone engaged.  Be enthusiastic about what you say, if you want your audience enthused about what they hear.  Move, the bigger the crowd the more.  This is about the audience, not you.  Your presentation delivery is as valuable as your words. 

Presentation art is you delivering an excellent presentation.  Artists practice and rehearse to create their art.  Script it, time it and rehearse it are the secrets of making it look easy. Practice your beginning, practice your middle story, and practice a memorable ending.  Understand the flow, get your rhythm and practice some more.  Know your song and sing it with style.  Make them smile as they applaud your presentation art. 

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Presentation Art

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