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I feel your pain.  I hear the cry, ouch, relationship management.

In good times and in bad times, I hear people voicing this whining mantra:  I am looking for people who want to work.  You just cannot find good people these days.

Here is my ouch answer.  Go to the nearest Chik-Fil-A restaurant as fast as you can.  Look at the young people and not so young people working there, place an order.  Do the company a favor and tell them if you receive anything less than quality customer service.  Wherever you are, these employees come from the same labor pool you are searching.  These people not working for you or me.   Maybe the problem is not them. 

Statistical analysis gives us a picture of numbers relative to other numbers.  Something to read if you are not sleepy, you will be sleeping soon.  The numbers tell a story.  The story is not a day in the life of this number relating to that number.  Their stories, what they are telling us, is never about themselves.   Numbers do not talk about themselves.  They are talking about you and me.   These numbers represent human activity.  We are relationships, not statistics.  More important than factoids like one in ten are left-brain is how you and I relate one on one.  It does not matter so much where my brain is located as long as it is in there, and I am using it.  Daily use is recommended.     

Conflict among people is an ages old thorn in the human condition.  Resolution often charts as one step forward and two steps back.  Looking around the world and our own back yard, nobody appears to have all the answers we need.  We pick up a few hints from others and through our own trial and error life experience. 

Conflict in nature causes stormy conditions and temperatures to rise the same as it does in people.  It is a condition of life and of business.  Healthy discontent can challenge us to approach difficult scenes differently.  We can be less abrupt and avoid hurting feelings, and protect our own.  Our goal is to resolve the issues while preserving civil relationships. 

You and I are enough alike.  Yet, with our individual minds, we see nothing precisely the same.  The object or problem we are both looking at is indifferent to us, and in constant sameness.  You and I looking at it, studying the same thing, are not seeing the same thing.  Looking and seeing are not the same, as in radio, transmission and reception are not the same.  While radio transmits from one point, and is received at a different point, our mind is the point of both transmission and reception.  Looking is a mind activity going out.  Seeing is that mind activity returning.  Each of us has an individual mind, rather than all of us having a common mind.    Open your mind and heart to explore why different people see different things differently, the same as you and me.  We have uncommon minds.   

Rudyard Kipling “met a little elf man one day down where the lilies grow.  He asked him why he was so small, for they are small you know.  He looked at me and with his eyes, he saw me through and through.  I am no more small for me, said he, than you are big for you.”    

By comparison, you are only as different from me, said me, as I am different from you.  You are not going to change me.  It is not your job.  Your job in business is to resolve the conflict, get past the roadblock and drive your agenda forward.  Do your job.  Win-win is not the goal.  Proceeding with the company business remains the goal.  Serving customers, making a profit, keeping people employed, is what needs to be done. 

Management keeps business on track.   Business management is the job.  Relationship management is one of many things to do.  Happy is nice.  Happy all the time is a high expectation.   

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