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Sugar free gum

When my wife lets me go to the store, by myself, it is like going to the library.  I have been reading some gum labels recently.  I read a lot.  Many things interest me. Nobody has to tell me I am special.  I have heard that often enough.

My current reading is one of those flat packs of gum, with the slide out tray that hold twelve pieces of gum, six servings.  The entire top half of the front label is a red background with an announcing three words of big font white lettering, sugar free gum.  The generic brand identity does not seem to matter much.  It is in a small box on the left edge.  The smaller font says, to me, that the brand identity is not that critical to this gum maker.  The important message is this package contains sugar free gum.

The lower half of the label is a blue swirl on white background telling me the flavor is peppermint, naturally and artificially flavored.  White lettering in a red circle with blue border says it freshens breath.  Very small font black lettering says 12 pieces

I sense your excitement.  You wonder what is on the back label.  This is where it really gets good.  In addition to a nifty bar code, we are informed this gum is a product of Morocco, distributed by an American company saying these comforting words, “we guarantee it 100%”.  I always feel better with one of those 100% guarantees.  We also read their toll free guest service number, all rights reserved, and keep package for reference.  I now feel I know this gum, we have met.

Nutrition Facts, all in the required same font, state the facts in amount per serving.  Five calories per serving, which as you remember, a serving is two pieces of gum.  For your own good, do not binge chew on gum.  Daily Value expressed in both grams and percent include Total Fat of 0g and 0%, Sodium of 0mg and 0%, Protein 0g.  Sugars 0g, sounds about right for sugar free gum, but Sugar Alcohols of 2g, might matter to a chewer in recovery.

Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin c, calcium and iron.  As you know, Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. I think I can safely have a double cheeseburger and big fries for lunch today. 

One of my favorite writers and graphic designers is Burkey Belser.  You may or may not know the name, but you have read some of his work.  Burkey designed the Nutrition Facts label for the USDA.  He is the creator of the most frequently reproduced graphic in the world.  He is a man genius in design and legal advertising, has received a Presidential Design Award, and influences many minds in brand advancement and law firm marketing.  He authored the much-referenced “25 Years of Legal Branding” in 2004.  With his wife and business partner, Donna Greenfield, and an award winning team, they lead Greenfield/Belser LTD, in Washington, D.C., a renowned design consultancy for professional services.  The passion of their work for clients, expressed in the banner of Make Your Firm Unique, is evident in every touch.  I like reading what Burkey has to say, and I like chewing gum.  My life is special.

Dan McDevitt, Marketserve, Memphis, Tennessee USA

Sugar free gum

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