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Three point shots 

Talking to myself is normal for me.  I am used to it and comfortable.  Others around me seem to be comfortable.  Talking to a group of people is where those others and me can be uncomfortable.  I work on it and have found some good steps to follow.

You want to communicate, not just talk to a group of people.  Gaining the audience’s favorable attention and controlling the defensive listening game is how you score a victory.  Here is the play of a quick three point shot that can help captivate your audience.

First point is to gain attention.  Use an attention grabbing opening comments or questions that appeal to the audience.  Know your audience beforehand and find out their current theme or buzz.  You want to align yourself with your audience at the start.  This is for them and you are talking with them rather than to them.

Second point is to acknowledge appreciation.  Your audience is sharing their time with you.  You are a guest they are allowing to speak.  Say thank you.  Say hello to your host and one or two people you may know in the audience.  Move your warmth around, be outgoing, to the front or side of the podium as possible.  You are not merely talking.  You score points and win by actually communicating.

Third point is to be real.  Accept yourself, relax and take a breath, and give your audience the benefit of your accepting personality.  Speak from your heart.  Use notes or cues for reference only.  You create impact with fascinating points in your presentation.  Have handouts as needed for depth and details.  You are the feature, not your material.  Close with enthusiasm, with a relevant comment, fact of interest or challenge.  Winning public speaking is scoring your points, as people remember you with favor.   

Both you and your audience should win the speaking and listening in public challenge.  Winning for you is you knowing your topic, knowing your material, and knowing you need to practice.  Winning for your audience is you, well practiced and ready, scoring points with effective communication. 

All winning is up to you. 

Dan McDevitt, Marketserve, Memphis, Tennessee USA

Three point shots

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