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You tried but could not get out of it.  Here you are, you have to do some training for the executives.  You are working on material and presentations, the what and how.  Think now about the where, the good physical place to conduct training. Training is important communication.  Selecting the right physical training space and getting ready for training is a good idea.  The well-prepared trainer can focus on subject and audience, and maintain the critical continuity of thought.

Got My Pencils.  Have your flipcharts, posters, easels, magic markers, chalk and #2pencils all ready before show time.  Make a list, check it twice.  Have copies and handouts in abundance. We mainly create our own disasters and successes.  Like a good scout, be prepared.

Got My Room.  Consider the number of training participants, comfort level and needs of your audience.  U-shape seating for groups of fifteen works well and helps with discussion.  Give people their table space for writing ease.

Got My Message.  Training is selling ideas, and ideas are the hardest sell.  Effective training is not magic.  It results from thought out preparation and lively presentation.  Know what you want to accomplish, control the setting, on thermostats and everything else.  You create your mood and level of credibility.

Got My Food.  Unless it is some kind of health food training, donuts are a nice touch.  Some executives seem to prefer the ones with sprinkles.  I have noticed that some of my fellow trainers like those apple fritters.

If everyone is comfortable, we can begin.  Our topic today is guessing when your head will explode.  These real-time waves of immediacy in communications and interactions are huge already, and growing.  The seductive mind wash of beloved social media will be twittering and friend feeding us even more in a 2010 and beyond version of living in the now. 

Even as we seem to be enjoying the addiction, I am not sure how much more excitement we can take.  I wonder how much instant gratification and always connected our natural selves can handle.  Have a committee study the volume we need or wants to handle.  Scribble me the study results on a pink while-you-were-out pad. 

I love technology…  We see worthwhile benefits, and some overuse, of technology in many of our training programs.  What do you think?  What do you like, or not like, about new and newer technologies?  Talk to me, before your head explodes

Tweeter me not.  Email, please.    likeit@dan-mcdevitt.com

Having no claim to expert in the subject of training, I am a lifetime learner.  Training, with an audience of one or one hundred, is one to one communication. 

I work with training companies, much smarter than me.  We develop training materials together, and I can serve as an interim trainer when asked.  I like to team up and collaborate to help reach the goals.  Questions, ideas, assignment needs – talk is free, not cheap.  Let me know how I can assist you.  Thanks.  Let us communicate. DM

Training + Learning New Things

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