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Web Design Clues

You may have noticed that web sites, and web design ideas and web tips seem to multiply like rabbits.  They arrive with daily speed and furry abundance.  You have to look at rabbits a lot to see anything different or individual in them.  They are all cute and cuddly to someone’s eye.  The same is true with web sites and web design ideas.  With the luck of a rabbit’s foot, you may find some useful sites and ideas to embrace.  You may have better luck than the rabbit.

It is amazing to me, and encouraging to see the creativity and knowledge on display in so many sites.  The work of some very bright minds is evident in many.  I studied some of the best that the world wide web has to offer.  In creating my own web site, I observed and took note of greatness, great minds at work, and obviously was not influenced by much of it.

After giving some consideration for reality, and helpful discussion with my zen webmaster, the decision was low-tech works best for me.  Content, as in written words and the ideas they represent, is what matters.  I lean toward the basics of a long established form of human communication.  Some of the flash and noise encountered is certainly of interest, but for me the message is in the language. 

We realize reading digital is different from reading the words on paper or on the cave wall.  The contest to hold our attention span is more intense.  We learned from television to look at a picture larger than a group of individual words.  Reading asks for more attention and gives more reward in doing so.  Without need to rewind or catch up the story, we set the pace in reading. 

I do bow slightly to appearance and presentation.  I chose an avant-garde flip chart look designed to engage and inform visitors with relevant discussion.

As in any approach to our communication with humanity, our web sites certainly posture us as lifetime learners.  I was closer to clueless than is comfortable at the start.  I did not have a clue, and now I do a few.  In moving along, we will share web design clues that appear to be useful. 

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Web Design Clues

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