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You got to Train Somebody  

They chose lucky you to do the training.  Everybody knows you are already busy.  You have a hundred other things to do.  To paraphrase Dylan; You may be the manager, the accountant or the chief, but you got to train somebody. 

Here are some tips you can add to momís good advice to be well rested, wear comfortable shoes, and stand up straight.  I know we have gone over much of this before.  You know how you forget things.  I am just trying to help.  Smile, it will be fun. 

Training is an act of communication.  The purpose is to help others receive and embrace new information and ideas.  Trainers and trainees alike can learn in training. Communication is giving and receiving.  The way you communicate when training is as important as the material itself.  Show your audience some benefits they can use. Stimulate the conversation flow.  Engage individual audience members and encourage participation.  Welcome idea sharing.  Be relaxed and business casual in your presentation.  Pace yourself and the meeting.  No need to hurry.  Be where you need to be.  It is more important to be effective than efficient.  Be patient, easy does it.  Natural trainers are not.  Desire to be better each time, awareness and practice makes as close to perfect as you want to be.  Train to learn.

Many good trainers approach training as a conversation or discussion among peers.  They are upbeat and eager to share the helpful information and ideas with friends.

Experienced training professionals of Marketserve are available to collaborate with you in training development, and assist you with training program presentations and contract training engagements.

Training by design, concept to content to presentation.  Please let us know whenever we can assist you in any manner.  Always confidential, at your service. 


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You got to Train Somebody

Marketserve training

Marketserve Management & Marketing Studio

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